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OISCA General Activities


1. Training


Training young people in developing countries At the beginning, OISCA approach training in 4 centers of Japan. Trainees are able to learn Japanese language and culture, and then live in Japanese families. Base on the principle of ON THE JOB TRAINING, we not only focus on the training of practical work, but also focus on the training of understanding the Japanese culture and life. We established a number of local training bases in the Southeast Asian region from time to time. The base is operating by the people trained in Japan.

OISCA 最初在日本設立4個培訓中心為學員提供培訓。學員能夠在培訓中心裏學習日語和日本文化,然後在日本生活。

為了貫徹「在職培訓」的原則,我們不單單著重於學員實踐工作的培訓,同時著重學員對日本文化和生活的理解。 隨著時間推移,我們在東南亞地區建立了許多本地培訓基地,這些基地都會由在日本受過訓練的人員經營,以確保培訓的內容和質素。


2.  Voluntary Tree Planting Activity

自願植樹活動 -


Tree planting activities carried out in the destroyed forest OISCA started the movement of

"一棵樹苗的合作" on 1980. This is response to the theme “Asia-Pacific Green Campaign” in the 7th Asia-Pacific Seminar at Sri Lanka. We aimed to promote the importance of forest planting and to support the spontaneous green movement of the youth in Asia-Pacific area. We supported the volunteers for the movement of the Reforestation Plan, Education Plan and Fund-raising activities. Up to May of 1998, OISCA planted about 13,910,000 trees in the area of 4115 hectares in 20 countries.

為回應於斯里蘭卡舉行的第7屆亞太研討會的主題 -「亞太綠色運動」,OISCA於1980年開始了「一棵樹苗的合作」運動。我們旨在提高植樹造林的重要性,並希望支持在亞太地區中由青年們自發的綠色運動。過去,我們為志願者所開展的各種活動提供支緩,例如「重新造林計劃」,教育計劃和籌款活動等。 未來,我們仍然會為綠色活動出一分力。



3. "Children's Reforestation Program"

「兒童造林計劃」 -


Carry out the afforestation campaign on schools OISCA is pushing the “Children’s Reforestation Program” with big effort in Asia-Pacific area. OISCA created a new Reforestation Plan targeting on children and schools on 1991. We co-operated with the schools directly in the developing counties. Our trainer teaches the children to plant for the tree themselves. Up to day, there are 1822 schools joined the program in 17 countries.

在1991年,OISCA制定了針對兒童和學校的造林新計劃,目的是在亞太地區大力推動「兒童再造林計劃」。 我們直接與發展中國家的學校合作。由我方派出教練教會孩子們自己種樹。 到目前為止,已有17個國家,1822所學校加入了該計劃。

4. Agricultural Development 

農業發展 - 提供農業技術顧問服務

Provide agricultural technical consultant service OISCA started the agricultural technical consultant service. We sent consultant teams to India and the Philippines continuously.




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5.  International Conference, Seminar 

國際會議研討會 -


Holding international conference and seminar to reflect the changing of the world July 1978, held the Tokyo Conference of Asian Youth Advocate for the proposal to the United Nations designated "International Year of Youth" issued a call.  October 1986, held a world class NGO conference in order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of OISCA, which is the 1st international conference involves the Government, international organizations and NGO's. March 1989, held the Asia-Pacific Development Conference in Okinawa, to carry forward the progress in the previous two world class NGO conferences. The conference stated out the relationship between Environment and Development. Also, confirmed the roles of Governments, NGO’s and International Organizations. September 1991, held the Asia-Pacific NGO Conference in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of OISCA. The conference released the 福網宣言 for the forthcoming Environmental Conference of United Nations."

1978年7月,召開了東京亞洲青年倡導會議,該提議向聯合國指定的「國際青年年」發出了呼籲。 1986年10月,為了紀念OISCA成立25週年,我們舉行了一次世界級的NGO會議,這是政府,國際組織和NGO第一次一同參加的國際會議。 1989年3月,OISCA在沖繩舉行了亞太發展會議,以推進前兩次世界級非政府組織會議的進展。 會議闡明了環境與發展之間的關係,同時,確認了政府,非政府組織和國際組織的作用。 1991年9月,舉行了亞太非政府組織會議,以紀念OISCA成立30週年。 會議發布了即將舉行的聯合國環境會議的《富旺宣言》。

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