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綠色浪潮2020@優才(楊殷有娣)書院 [Green Wave 2020 @ G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College ]

是日本會榮幸受到優才書院地理科邀請,前往校舍天台花園視察種植情況。期間本會秘書長 — 石見先生與優才書院的老師和同學進行種植上的交流,從而了解到學校對於環保教育的貢獻。本會對此表示認同及嘉許,期望未來會有更多活動可與優才書院共同合作。


Today, we are honoured for receiving an invitation from the geography teachers of the G.T. (Ellen Yeung) college to having a site visit to the roof garden. Teachers and students of G.T. college have presented their contribution to environmental education to our general secretary - Mr Ishimi. We appreciate the action of green activities of G.T. College and looking forward to having further cooperation with G.T. College.

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