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Speech Contest

for Global Youth Forum 2021

Topic: Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation
3 minute-long speech on your action to conserve
Biodiversity and environment
Application categories









Young Adult


Application deadline: June 25, 2021 

截止日期: 2021年6月25日

Language 使用語言:
English or any other language including your mother tongues

英語 或 母語 (需要同時遞交英語翻譯)

Evalutation Process 評審過程:

  • Submission: WORD Text files, 3minute speech (400-500 word in English)

  • 以Word 文字檔遞交,約3分鐘的演講稿


  • Limited number of application, 1-2 people for each school or group

  • 每間學校或團體只能派出一至兩名代表

  • Hong Kong District Screening: before 30th June.

  • 香港地區評審會於6月30日前發表


  • 3 people are selected for each category

  • 每個小組將會挑選最佳的三名參加者獲獎

  • Evaluation criteria focus on the content of the speech, not the conversation skill. We look forward to positive comments on biodiversity and sustainable future social development

  • 評審準則重視演講內容,而不重於演講技巧。本會期待參加者對於生物多樣性及持續性發展提出良好的意見

  • Awardees need to submit videos on 4th July and the videos will post on Home Page. Also, Awardee will present their speech at the Green Wave ceremony on 9th July

  • 獲勝者需在7月4日遞交演講影片,其後將會在網上發表。而且,獲勝者能於7月9日的綠色浪潮頒獎典禮上發表其演講

  • In July: International level speech contest and we will award an electronic certificate to each one who enters the Contest.

  • 七月將會舉行國際性的演講比賽,所有參予其中的參加者都能獲得電子證書

  • In August: At the GYF (Global Youth Forum) Plenary Session presents the best one from each category

  • 於八月份的國際青年論壇中將會頒發各組的冠軍

  • OISCA is approaching the United Nations to connect with the Biological Diversity Convention Secretariat during the GYF. We will introduce the speeches by the winners to the UN.

  • 國際奧伊斯嘉總會與聯合國的生物多樣性公約有著緊密連繫。本會將會介紹優勝者的演講予聯合國

Submission & Contact 遞交方法
OISCA International Hong Kong chapter
TEL:(+852) 2376 2822

OISCA & Global Youth Forum (GYF)

Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement International (OISCA International) is a non-governmental international organization established in Japan in 1961.

It has operated for nearly 60 years mainly in capacity development of young people, forestation, sustainable agricultural development, and education. OISCA also placed particular emphasis on youth development. OISCA has organized a series of Youth Forums, and now Global Youth Forums.

國際奧伊斯嘉(OISCA International)是於1961年在日本成立的非政府國際組織。本會已經開展了將近60年的活動,致力發展造林活動、可持續農業發展和教育活動。本會亦特別重視青年發展,多年來組織了一系列的青年論壇,以及本年度的全球青年論壇。

In 2021, we will hold this online, and Young People’s Speech Contest is an essential part of the 2021 GYF involving kids, youth, and young adults. At any age, young people have had energy and power to achieve transformation and shape a future. We face daunting global problems and desperately need to realize a meaningful paradigm shift for a sustainable future.



Notable partnership with the UN


  • The UN Earth Summit Award (1993)

  • UN Economic and Social Council Category l

(General consultative status)




Comment from organizers 來自評審的信息

Our organization is promoting Furusato (hometown) movement with an aim to create a sustainable world where all living creatures coexist in harmony. We expect youth leaders to join the movement and give your wonderful ideas to realize a sustainable earth together for the future generations.


本會一直在推動Furusato(家鄉)運動,旨在創建一個可持續發展的世界,其中所有生物都和諧共處。 我們希望青年領袖能參加這項運動,並提出您漸新的想法,為後代創造一個可持續發展的地球。

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