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One of the mission of OISCA International is to cultivate the future leaders. Overseas study or Training is now offering to the young people.


OISCA Training Center


The OISCA training centre is located in western Japan, central Japan and Shikoku. It provides short-term (3 months) and long-term (12 months) intensive training courses on housekeeping, including proper food preparation, food processing, clothing and agricultural training.

Under the guidance of teachers, you can gain first-hand knowledge and skills in a real rural environment. Students can have the opportunity to learn techniques suitable for the local industry in their country.

OISCA研修中心位於日本西部,日本中部和四國地區。 中心提供短期(3個月)和長期(12個月)培訓課程,課程內容包括家政培訓、食品加工、製衣及農業培訓。


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